My First Experience on Godot Game Engine

Abdullah Balta
3 min readMar 9, 2017


Developing a game has a lots of challenges for who wants to create a game from scratch. Choosing a game concept and platform, which game engine to use and how to design scenes are not so easy. In this article, I will share my experiences on Godot Game Engine.

I have developed several mobile applications on Android. So developing mobile applications lead me to developing mobile games. First of all, I have already experienced about Unity3d Game Engine which is easy to use, has friendly UI editor and lots of tutorials.

However, Unity3d is free of charge to use, but it has some limitations on free version. As a open source fan, I started to search completely free, open source and something as good as Unity3d game engine. Finally, I end up with Godot Game Engine.

Learning of new platform or software takes some time and effort for sure. In my opinion Godot’s official documentation is not easy enough to learn it quickly. So, I started to watch some tutorial series on Youtube to kick off game development as fast as possible. While watching tutorials I realized that Godot is easy to learn. In two weeks, I started to develop my own game.


Scripting is the most important thing If you want to have full control over your game. Godot has own script language called GDScript. It looks like combination of pyhton, swift and javascript. If you have already experienced in these languages, you can learn it easily.

Scene Editor

Some of game engine has scene editor and some of them has fully code based. If you want to make a game faster, I suggest you to choose game engine which has scene editor. Godot Scene editor looks similar to Unity’s so that is attracted me to choose it. It has a lot of properties on scene editor to make a quick changes your game levels.

2d or 3d

My game development is about 2d concept. Godot has also 3d support too, but, I have not come across too much 3d tutorials. If you want to develop complex 3d games, the best choice is Unity3d.


Publish your game mobile, desktop and web platforms are possible on Godot Game Engine. This is also enough reason to go with Godot for game development .


Even though Godot is developing fast and periodically as a game engine; Godot community has not been grown enough yet. In most cases, you learn and explore many things by yourself.

To sum up, Godot is good open-source alternative to Unity3d. It deserves chance to making a game development.

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