My Associate Android Developer Certification Experience

Abdullah Balta
2 min readNov 18, 2020

Hello all Android developers, in this article I am sharing my experience of Associate Android Developer certification process given by Google.

I received this 3-year certificate in September / 2020.

In this article, I skip the registration for the certification exam. Google’s documents will be enough for this. Now, I continue with the subject of the exam and which subjects you need to study.

First of all, this exam is neither difficult nor easy and takes exactly 8 hours. So, you can join on your off day. Once you’ve done all the setup for the exam, Android Studio creates a sample project with its Trueability Plugin, and then the exam countdown starts.

Study Guideline

The next step is how you will study for this exam. This project has new features of Android Development and working topics that Google shares as an example. I highly recommend that you have a good knowledge of these topics:

MVVM Architecture

Android Architecture Components:

  • Room
  • Paging
  • LiveData

Broadcast Manager

Notification System

Job Scheduler / Work Manager

Materialcomponents / Widgets

UI Testing / Espresso

The project needs you to complete several tasks. These tasks consist of bug fixing, implement new page, provide some data for app, change or add ui of app etc.

If you have completed these tasks before timer runs out, you have to submit it. Make sure your project successfully built before submitting, if there is an error while building. I assume your result will be fail, if any build error or crashes.

Finally, when you submit the project, you will notice that the project is gone. Once posted, an exit interview awaits you. Your video and voice will be recorded during this interview. You have 3 minutes to answer each question. I strongly recommend that you join this meeting as soon as possible because this interview should ask some questions about the project. The purpose of the interview is that Google wants to know if you have completed the project on your own. Of course, you can use internet, StackOverFlow, Medium etc. for coding during the exam. If you copy some code over the internet, please know what you are copying.


If you have experience about Android Development for 3+ years. I think it will be easy to complete tasks. You consider for any lack knowledge about these topics, make sure you very well study them before taking this exam.

Good Luck…